Is vaping an e-cigarette absolutely harmless?

breathingThere have been a lot of discussions lately about the innocuousness of vaping (a term for using an e-cigarette). The manufacturers and sellers of e-cigarettes are jointly asserting that vaping is less harmful even when containing the nicotine and absolutely harmless when nicotine is not added. But is it really as innocent as breathing the air?

A scientific study of the Universities of Italy and California USA has made a comparisson between the effects on the lung epithelial cells and HaCaT cells (keratinocytes) while smoking a tobacco cigarette and e-cigarette with or without flavor or nicotine. The outcome of the research showed that there was no difference in the level of harm caused to the cells when a conventional cigarette was smoked or an e-cigarette containing nicotine vaped. Most surprising were the observations that the cells were affected negatively (although not-cytotoxic) also in case when an e-cigarette without the nicotine was vaped.

Most likely, the discussion about the issue – is vaping less harmless than smoking? – will be a bone of contention still for years. But one is for sure – it is much safer and harmless not to smoke or vape at all than to do one or another.

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