Do e-cigarettes encourage smoking among teens?

teen_smokingThere has been a long discussion about the issue: do e-cigarettes contribute to the teen smoking?

A research in California confirms this to be true. An expert from Boston, however, asserts that there has not been sufficient evidence to prove this correlation.

Moreover, a new research in the United Kingdom reveals that due to e-cigarettes the teen smoking has decreased significantly. The respondents aged 16 to 25 have asserted that e-cigarettes played a major role for them to refuse smoking tobacco cigarettes.

The main reason for that turns out to be the different perception of vaping an e-cigarette: while smoking a traditional cigarette is being perceived as extremely harmful vaping has been considered to be something that is completely different to smoking. This opinion is also supported by the statement of the Public Health of England that “vaping is 95 percent less harmful than traditional cigarettes”.