What is in the e-cigarette liquid?

Capture2This question might be a real challenge to answer since e-cigarette liquids or e-liquids is an unregulated field yet. Thus, the manufacturers of the e-liquids are not obliged to show the ingredients on the e-liquid bottle, and the customer can’t be sure what exactly he/she is vaping. Still, what is in there in this “secret stuff” ?

 In general, there are 4 major components in the e-liquids:

1. Propylene glycol (PG)

It is a lab-made liquid that is considered to be safe in food, drugs and cosmetics. Though, it can irritate the respiratory system and eyes.

2. Vegetable glycerin (VG)

VG is an odorless and colorless liquid which also is considered to be safe as a food additive and used also in drugs.

3. Flavors

Flavors are the ones which attribute its particular “character” to the product, and can be chosen by the vaper to its own preferences. There are all imaginable tastes available – pancake, cream, marshmallow, cheesecake, strawberry, caramel, oatmeal cookie, pumpkin etc. Although, these flavors are considered safe in food, there is not enough research yet to make the same statement about inhaling them.

4. Nicotine

It is an addictive substance which stimulates the central nervous system, raises blood pressure and heart rate. Nicotine is the ingredient which can be not included in the e-liquid. This possibility becomes a significant advantage for the tobacco smokers who want to quit smoking gradually.

If you are planning to quit smoking, Vapechemy can offer you e-liquids to your preferred taste containing an adjusted nicotine level or no nicotine at all. You can also be sure about the other ingredients in the e-liquids made by Vapechemy since we do not hide the content from the customer and produce them on request of the customer preferences.

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