is up and running – join us!

So, we are starting with the project “vapechemy ” and to celebrate it we are giving away 1000 USD worth of orders!
Wish us luck and use opportunity to get free e-juices, visit

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“…Its been a while since we last shared an update. And we thought that prior to going live with full steam, we would share an update with you. We were extremely happy and humbled by the response we get to our invitations for a beta sneak peak; we carefully examined all of your responses and suggestions and have implemented most of the point raised by everyone. As we did not expect you to do regular checks of beta, we decided to do a summary of the changes implemented…”. See all of the post here.

“….Speaking of the last – for the past 6 months, we have been building a service which would enable DIY e-liquid access for everyone: mixer or not. Here is how it works: we have built a site to allow anyone to publish their DIY recipes. I know a couple of those already exist and are well regarded by everyone around here. Our take on the subject is a bit different; we allow visitors to order the e-liquids from the published recipes and the author of a recipe gets a 6% cash revenue share from every bottle of their e-liquid sold through our site. You will be able to cash it out either through PayPal or bitcoin…” . See all of the post here.

Order e-liquids form DIY recipe authors’  database at our site