New design for our bottle labels

photo5879858534177417219We are going to have double side labels.

At front side we will point out: E-cig type you chose e-juice for; Date of manufacturing and best before; Recommended days for steeping e-juice before usage; Amount of nicotine included; Percentage of VG; Size of the bottle;  Name of the recipe given by the author; Authors’ nickname “Discovered by”;  Warning information “Keep away from children. Minimum age to purchase. Do not swallow. May contain nicotine.”.

On back side of the label will be:

“Keep away from children. Do not swallow. May contain nicotine. To use e-liquid you must be of legal age in your country. In you can find exact list of all ingredients used in any of published recipe. Before using the e-liquid check all the ingredients it includes. Be aware that some ingredients can cause contraindication, unexpected effect, addiction or/and toxicity. Also, check if the e-liquid does not include any ingredient which you are hypersensitive.
The e-liquid can be used in temperature 30 to 0 degrees. To enjoy the e-juice: screw out the bottle lid, drop the 2-3 drops of e-liquid to the atomizer, or refill in the cartridge, then screw the bottle lid back on.
Manufactured in EU. Mixed by”