is open for business

Hi, everyone!

For past twelve months we have been working on a new service with the e-liquid author community, which we think will change how you select your e-liquids; it is not a secret that DIY recipes open a whole new world of vaping taste profiles. Unfortunately, this wonderful world has been limited to only other mixers and people who are willing to learn this activity.

At we have created open database for e-liquids and provide individual mixing on demand service for any published recipe. Recognised authors from /r/DIY_eJuice were invited to participate in the beta testing process of the system and on-demand mixing service and finally we feel we are ready to introduce to general public.

In order to fully test both – our system and processes, we organised a no commitment giveaway a few months ago and were blown away by the reaction from the community and quantity of orders which we got.

Today we can finally proudly say – we are open for business. So if you missed out on it or found your new ADV through giveaway, and crave some more, we would be happy to see you in our site.

Yours, team


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