Learn by experience

Capture4VapeChemy team has questioned some of their most loyal consumers to find out what are the differences between nicotine cigarette smoking and vaping. The average duration of smoking nicotine cigarettes of all the respondents is 15 years meaning that smokers may contract high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that the risks for heart attack and stroke rise over the long term. Conversely, these risks drop to normal 15 years after quitting[1]. Continue reading

Want to be a part of VapeChemy team – come and join!

https://paginas.seccionamarilla.com.mx/laboratorio-de-analisis-clinicos-zehuer/servicio-de-analisis-clinicos/morelos/zacatepec/-/plan-de-ayala/If you are a student or a graduate of The Institute of Solid State Physics of the University of Latvia or a relevant educational institution and you want to build your professional career in the field of physics, chemistry, and develop in an international company that is spreading across the Europe and other continents, then come and join the VapeChemy team in Riga where the corporate headquarters are located. Continue reading

Best practices of mixing e-liquids


What are the best practices when one decides mixing e-liquids? We see three basic things which definitely should be taking into account:

  1. Maintain professional attitude – be as precise as possible, clean up after the work, make notes of what you had mixed etc.;
    2. Use high quality ingredients – always use ingredients (PG, VG, nicotine, flavorings) of known producers;
    3. Operate in up to the mark premises – in the ideal case it would be a certified Cleanroom.

We are encouraging you to become more sophisticated in the best practices of mixing e-liquids: please come back for the next posts coming soon.

Dou you want to quit smoking at last? Now there is a safe and effective way for doing it.

quit smokingA government study in the USA has found that almost 70 percent of American smokers want to quit, but only 6 percent succeeded. Why? First, it is hard to overcome the physical addiction to nicotine, and second, it is an embedded psychological habit which is hard to break.

“It’s easy to quit smoking. I’ve done it hundreds of times,” said Mark Twain. Does it sound familiar? – Let’s encourage you since now we can offer you a way how to save time and quit only ONCE and forever. Continue reading

Why people become e-liquid mixers?

Chemist in the lab experimenting with solutionsOne would say that it is just for those to whom e-liquid mixing is a hobby and, it can be true in most of the cases nevertheless, there are also other motivators.

Money might be evaluated as the second strongest motivator, since mixing by yourself should be favorable in terms of expenses. So, it should be that in the end you get the desired e-juices at a better cost. Of course, in the beginning mixing by yourself can be more expensive than buying one or a couple of e-liquid bottles from the store, but as one gains experience in the mixing process and gets all the needed ingredients in his/her own warehouse, the expenses per bottle decrease significantly. Continue reading