The best practices of mixing e-liquids – a cleanroom (continued)

cleanroom-interior-long-span-CNRC-Nanotechnology-ISO6-ISO7It is a luxury to be able to mix the e-liquids in upmarket premises or – in other words, in a certified cleanroom. Since they are very expensive most DIY enthusiast or even e-liquid companies can’t afford them and are forced to operate in adapted rooms.

So, what actually is a certified cleanroom and have much does it cost? Continue reading


Best practices of mixing e-liquids


What are the best practices when one decides mixing e-liquids? We see three basic things which definitely should be taking into account:

  1. Maintain professional attitude – be as precise as possible, clean up after the work, make notes of what you had mixed etc.;
    2. Use high quality ingredients – always use ingredients (PG, VG, nicotine, flavorings) of known producers;
    3. Operate in up to the mark premises – in the ideal case it would be a certified Cleanroom.

We are encouraging you to become more sophisticated in the best practices of mixing e-liquids: please come back for the next posts coming soon.