Do you know what therapeutic cannavaping is?

3760Cannavaping is cannabis smoking by using e-cigarettes, and it is studied that it may help people use marijuana for medical reasons. Contrary to marijuana cigarettes smoking that force people to inhale high amounts of toxic contaminants that are released when marijuana is burned, cannavaping might help to avoid inhaling high levels of these contaminants, e.g. polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and others. So, basically, Swiss researchers have found that electronic cigarettes can be a safe and effective way how to deliver cannabis for medicinal purposes. At the same time, scientists at the University of Lausanne have created cannabis-laden oils for e-cigarette usage and states that vaping the infusions could deliver useful levels of the active ingredients found in cannabis. Continue reading


Is vaping an e-cigarette absolutely harmless?

breathingThere have been a lot of discussions lately about the innocuousness of vaping (a term for using an e-cigarette). The manufacturers and sellers of e-cigarettes are jointly asserting that vaping is less harmful even when containing the nicotine and absolutely harmless when nicotine is not added. But is it really as innocent as breathing the air? Continue reading