How much shipping cost?

Shipping is calculated based on region of destination. To give rough idea: Americas cost around 50 USD per shipment, Europe – 20 EUR per shipment and the rest of the world will fall somewhere in between.

How much e-liquid cost?

We are striving hard to provide our users with high quality, affordable e-liquid options. While we are aware that there might be a few cheaper options, we have managed to provide a very attractive price point below the traditional price points of so called premium liquid manufacturers without sacrificing a bit of care and quality which goes into producing high end e-liquid.

From which flavor suppliers you have flavors in stock?

Our ambition is to have all e-liquid flavorings available to be used in the mix. However – as we are starting to ramp-up the service we have chosen to stock 5 most popular e-liquid flavoring manufacturers as a start.

What strength e-liquid should I buy?

We advise to choose the same strength e-liquid as you have bought previously. However, with our custom nicotine level selection tool, you now have granular control over exact amount of nicotine level you would like to have in your e-liquid. 1.5 mg, 2.5 mg and 11.5 mg are perfectly valid choices right now, just like 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg options we all know.

Why are there warnings on some flavors?

We are not just another e-liquid company. We believe that at the end of the day, vaping community should be in control over what goes into the e-liquid. Borrowing the concept from popular DIY mixing engines, we have decided to include full list of ingredients for any recipe, just as well as alerts regarding specific components, so you can be confident in your choice when ordering from us.

How old do I have to be to buy a e-liquid?

As our terms and conditions state you have to be of the age of at least 18 to purchase from our site; additionally, we ask you to comply with your local, national legislation if it should provide stricter approach in obtaining e-liquids online.

How can I earn with Vapechemy?

You can join to the Vapechemy becoming a recipe author, adding your unique taste to our recipe database and earn percentage from the amount of sold juices manufactured from your recipe.

What to do if needed flavor for my recipes are not in your list?

We do regular checks of manufacturers databases to keep our inventory and flavoring database at the most up-to-date state. However – as with anything in this world, there might be lapses in this procedure. If indeed this is the case – please contact our customer support team via support@vapechemy.com by providing the name of manufacturer and flavoring, which you were not able to find in our mixing tool. We will sort this out in no time.