Clearomizer – A version of the cartomizer that is transparent so the user can easily see how much e-liquid is inside.

Cloud – The vapor that is exhaled when using an e-cigarette.

Doubler – A term used to describe e-liquids with a double portion of flavorings.

Dripping – The act of dripping e-liquid directly into the atomizer instead of using a cartridge of tank.

E-liquid – The solution used in ecigs to produce vapor. It is made from a base of either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, with added nicotine and flavorings.

Hit – The experience of inhaling vapor from an electronic cigarette.

Juice – Another term used to describe e-liquid.

MG – Milligrams; a unit of measurement to describe the nicotine strength in an e-liquid.

Nicotine – The chemical substance found in e-liquids that is also used in traditional tobacco cigarettes. It comes in varied strengths and has a similar effect on the body as caffeine.

PG – Propylene Glycol, often called PG, is a common ingredient in e-liquid. It is also found in many foods and cosmetics.

Steeping – The act of letting e-liquid sit out exposed to room air in order to strengthen the flavor.

Throat Hit – The feeling in your throat when you inhale ecig vapor.

Vape – The act of using an electronic cigarette

Vaper – A person that uses ecigs.

Vapor – The fog that ecig users exhale that looks similar to smoke.

Vegetable Glycerin – A common ingredient used in many e-liquids and the preferred option for people who have an allergy or sensitivity to Propylene Glycol.